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Lawn Care Reminder
Posted on May 13, 2023 1:02 PM by Admin
Categories: General
We'd like to take a moment to remind you that the community By-Laws require you to maintain your lawn. Those requirements dictate that each member:
  • Mow the lawn on a regular basis
  • Manicure & Prune the trees and shrubsTrees limbs that hang over a sidewalk are required to be trimmed at least 7-feet above the sidewalk so residents can walk by your property without ducking or getting slapped in the face by your tree limbs. 
  • Place mulch in required areas
  • Edge along both sides of any sidewalk that's in front and along side of your property as well as both sides of the driveway. 
The By-Laws also require members to treat and keep their lawns free of weeds. This is a very serious requirement as neighboring lawns are negatively impacted by lawns that aren't being treated for weeds. 
If your lawn doesn't meet the minium By-Law requirements, you will receive a warning to correct the violation followed by fines if the violations aren't corrected within the 10-day cure period. Please contact the Board using the EWC website if you have questions or concerns or if you need additional time to resolve a violation. The Board is in place to ensure our community remains beautiful!
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