Enclave Reminders
Street Parking
Posted on May 24, 2018 9:00 AM by Admin
Categories: General
We have a rising issue with vehicles being parked in the street overnight which causes safety concerns in several areas of our community and is prohibited by the community Bylaws. Please see below.
Also note that there is a request form on the website (Members - Online Request Forms) if you have a special circumstance that requires temporary overnight street parking. Those requests are forwarded to the Board for review.

7.6Parking and Prohibited Vehicles.

  1. Parking. Vehicles shall be parked only In the garage or driveway serving the Dwelling Unit, or in such other paved areas as have been approved by the Board of Directors for parking vehicles. A maximum of two (2) occupant vehicles may be patted outside of the garage, if any, serving the dwelling Unit. For purposes of this provision, a vehicle shall be considered an occupant if it Is parked on the Lot, four (4) or more hours per day, four (4) or more days in any seven (7) day period. The Board of Directors may authorize on-street parking on a temporary basis for visitors and guests, subject to reasonable rules and regulations. No garage shall be modified or otherwise used so as to reduce its capacity for parking vehicles below that originally approved by the NCC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, a Builder may temporarily convert a garage into a sales or construction office provided that the garage is converted back to a garage within thirty (30) days after cessation of construction and sab of new homes within the property by such Builder. Garage doors visible for any street within the Property shall remain dosed except during ingress or egress or when the garage is actively being used by the Owner of occupant.